Why use LandTest?



Our rigs are small and agile yet do what older and bigger rigs do. We can push 150kN for a CPTu to 20m or more inside a building or on a residential backyard. Shallow refusal is not a problem because we can gather DPSH data during the same test with the same rig. Our borehole rig is only 5.3t and 1.7m wide and has both sonic and rotary drill heads capable of effective continuous sampling or SPT testing to depths of up to 30m.


Drilling and testing are not commodity services because each client has different needs and each site is unique. We will work with you to understand exactly what you need so that you can do an excellent job for your client. We will find solutions to site-specific challenges and apply our expertise to deliver results you can rely on. Project risk reduction starts with selecting a contractor you can trust — LandTest understands that.


We are expanding our testing services and products to meet site testing demands and the needs of our clients. We invest time and money to fully understand and control the variables that affect data quality and acquisition. We take seriously our promise to deliver excellent data and samples.

Quality Assurance

LandTest uses a Piezocone for CPTu testing where we can acquire tip resistance (qc), lateral friction (fs), and pore pressure (u2). To ensure quality test results we test to the strict ASTM D5778-12 International standard. This includes regular factory calibration and certification of each Piezocone in Europe. On site we check calibration before and after every test, and constantly monitor the conditions during testing to avoid conditions that may cause damage to the equipment. These measures are just part of our comprehensive Quality Assurance program that ensures we produce the most credible results.


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