The Team


Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson

CPT & Drilling Manager

Joined LandTest in September 2012


Greg Cossar

Greg Cossar

CPT & Drilling Technician

Joined LandTest in December 2016


 Marty Beijen


Transporter Driver

Joined LandTest in September 2017

Mike has come from an mechanical engineering background, rising through the ranks of our company trained by experienced drillers in both Sonic and Rotary coring techniques, specializing in tight access capabilities. He also has extensive knowledge on SPT, piezometer, CPTu and DPSH.

Greg has an NZDE from Ara Institute of Canterbury. He has a background in insurance and IT but is still studying as well as supervising sheduling for the company.

Marty has both his Class 2 and Class 4 which allows him to drive any of our vehicles including the largest transporter which carries our borehole rig. He also offsides on rigs as required so is gaining experience in that too.


 Ben Wilson


CPT Technician

Joined LandTest in September 2017



Ben has a background in IT but is keen to learn more about the geotechnical industry and the techniques involved. He is currently working as an offsider on the CPT rigs.    





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